Individual Project  May 2015

Tags: IoT, Wearables, Soft circuitry

Toolkits: Phonegap, BluetoothLE, Arduino

Whitedress (originally named Dressing Everything) is a garment that explores the possibility of turning human bodies into expressive platforms. Empowered by embedded smart LEDs and Bluetooth LE technology, Whitedress visualizes different data source through animated color-changing lights. Wearers can choose the data source for Whitedress to display, by using the app on a paired smartphone device. This user flow brings the wearers with an alternated wearable experience -  it's not consistently collecting data from human bodies but feeding data back to human bodies.


Whitedress has been exhibited in Fashion 4wrd ,NYC Media Lab's Annual Summit and World Maker Faire.


2015 NYC World Maker Faire Editor's Choice


Adafruit - Jingwen Zhu’s Bluetooth Connected Dress #Wearables

System Diagram

User Interface