Wearable Projects

I've been working on wearables, soft circuitry and e-textiles since 2015. Here's a collection of my wearable projects.


My Heart on My Dress

My Heart on My Dress is a bespoke connected garment that visualizes my daily experiences and emotions through dynamic changing colors and patterns. Real-time text analysis of my digital diary influences the design of the dress.



Lumens are smart shoes that uses bluetooth LE to communicate with smart phones, to provide customization and notification.


Dressing Everything

Dressing Everything is a wearable project that visualize data and display them with smart LEDs on a dress, and users can choose which data source they want to connect with their phone via bluetooth low energy.


Making Sense of Wearables

A collection of wearable experiments with different wearable objects, materials and soft circuits. 



A collection of e-textile design and examples for workshops.