I'd write you a book

Individual Project   Oct 2015

Tags: Web Application, Live Communication

Toolkits: Node.js, Socket.io, P5.js, jQuery


In this digital era, people chat with digital apps more often than write on paper. I'm always interested in this contrast between digital and analog verbal communication. I'd write you a book is a web app that explores the boundary of text messaging and writing. When people chat in this web app, each of the message will become a book cover.  All the words they say will be shown as book titles, and they can draw book covers. The chatting and drawing are all realtime, so that users can see other users writing and drawing process, to give them an immersive communication experience.

The layout design function assigns random fonts to the title and random pattern for the title. The canvas on right bottom of the webpage let users to draw custom book covers. Background color and stroke color are all generated by the app to give it randomness.