Textile Projects

 Here's a collection of my textile projects.


My Heart on My Dress

My Heart on My Dress is a bespoke connected garment that visualizes my daily experiences and emotions through dynamic changing colors and patterns. Real-time text analysis of my digital diary influences the design of the dress.


Dynamic Textiles Research

Thermochromatic materials have been existing for a long time, but utilizing them in wearable projects is not commonly seen. This blog post is about my research on using thermochromatic pigments to create dynamic textiles .


Dressing Everything

Dressing Everything is a wearable project that visualize data and display them with smart LEDs on a dress, and users can choose which data source they want to connect with their phone via bluetooth low energy.



A collection of e-textile design and examples for workshops.


Making Sense of Wearables

A collection of wearable experiments with different wearable objects, materials and soft circuits.