Jingwen Zhu



2016 MPS in Interactive Telecommunications Program(ITP), Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York

2014 BA in Digital Media, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai


Professional Experience

2018-Current Product Design Engineer (Electrical), Tomorrow Lab, New York

2016-2018 Co-founder & Technology Lead, Wearable Media Studio, New York

2016 Research Technologist, Havas Worldwide, New York

2015 Creative Technologist, Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

2014-2015 Designer, NYU Information Technology, New York


Teaching Experiences

2019 Adjunct Professor of Intro to Wearables, ITP, New York (forthcoming)

2017 Guest lecturer, Pace University, New York

2017 Intro to Wearables Workshop Series, The Makery, New York

2016 Wearables Workshop, ITP, New York

2016 ITP Physical Computing Workshop Series, ITP, New York

2016 “Coding your threads”, CoLab, New York

2016 “Live communication with javascript”, OF COURSE, New York

2016 “Collaborative drawing with socket.io”, ITP Unconference, New York

2016 “Developing mobile apps for Bluetooth LE”, ITP Unconference, New York

 Fellowship Experience

2017-2018 Member, New Inc, New York

2017 Smart Textile Fellow, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, New York

2016-2017 Research Resident, NYU ITP, New York


2017 World Maker Faire, New York

2017 Creative Tech Week, New York

2017 Internet of Fashion Meetup, New York

2016 TECH TUESDAY: Personalized Garment Design & Expressive E-Textiles, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, New York



2015 World Maker Faire Editor's Choice

2014-2015 & 2015-2016 Graduate Student Annual Scholarship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

2014 Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai

2013 National Endeavor Scholarship

2011 The First Prize Scholarship, Tongji University, Shanghai



2017 Future Textile Library, New York

2017 SXSW Design & Function Exhibition, Texas

2017 Ghost in the Shell launch event, Paris

2017 Body Hacking Conference, Texas

2016 World Maker Faire, New York

2016 NYC Media Lab Summit, New York

2016 IoT Media Mesh, New York

2016 ITP Spring Show, New York

2015 ITP Winter Show, New York

2015 World Maker Faire, New York

2015 Fashion4wrd, Boston

2015 NYC Media Lab Summit, New York

2015 ITP Spring Show, New York

2014 ITP Winter Show, New York

2013 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Shenzhen - Hongkong


Selected Press


Chris Mahon, A Futuristic Fashion Company Has Created a Dress That Lets You Sense Near-Earth Asteroids, Outer Spaces, September 24, 2017

Caleb Kraft, 5 Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss at World Maker Faire New York, Make, September 1, 2017

 Stephanie Geddes, WEARABLE MEDIA STUDIO, Bird, May 2017

Lourdes Rodríguez, Fashion and Technology: Yuchen Zhang @ SXSW, SoCatchy, March, 2017

Qiuxuan Lv, Wearable Media Studio Explores the Future of Clothes, Sinovision, February, 2017 

Sophie Zhou, 90后女创客在纽约,技术大神里的小清新! , DFRobot Maker Community, February, 2017

Sophie Zhou, 这个女生,居然把动态视觉缝进了衣服里!, Sohu Tech, February, 2017


Glenn McDonald, 'Eyeborg' and Other Transhumans Meet in Austin to Talk About BodyHacking, Seeker, Jan 27, 2017

Leslie Birch, "This Innovative Tech Dress Brings Colorful Diary to Life ", Adafruit, December 14, 2016

 Molly Dektar, Photos: Robots, Drones, & Canine Mind Reading At Maker Faire, September 28, 2015

Becky Stern, “Jingwen Zhu’s Bluetooth Connected Dress”, Adafruit, September 26, 2015

Donald Bell, Sweat, Hugs, and VR at the ITP Spring Show, Make, May 27, 2015


Technical Skills

Electrical Engineering: PCB Design (Eagle CAD), PCB Fabrication, Wireless (WiFi, BLE), Wearable Electronics, Soft Circuitry, Assembly

Firmware Programming: C/C++, Eclipse, Seggar, Arduino

Software Programming: Javascript (jQuery, Node.js, WebRTC, Websocket), openFrameworks, Processing, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Cordova/Phonegap

Design: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Rhino, After Effects, Premiere, Max

Fabrication: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC, Screen Printing, Woodshop, Origami, Sewing, Draping

Methods: Design Thinking, Storyboard, Wireframes, User Research


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